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Woman laid off from LinkedIn lands job at Google. All because of a video

“I landed an interview at Google through a video," a woman wrote while sharing her experience of getting a job after being fired from LinkedIn.

Mariana Kobayashi, an account executive, landed her dream job at Google after she got laid off from LinkedIn - all thanks to a video she made. She tried this approach to capture the attention of recruiters at Google Dublin and her efforts paid off, helping her get hired in December 2023.

Just a few days ago, she took to LinkedIn to share her journey and how she created the video. “I landed an interview at Google through a video. Here’s step-by-step how that happened. The best way to stand out when applying for a job is thinking about what everyone else is doing… and doing something else (in anything in life, really)!” she wrote. She invited others to “steal” her method and wished them “Good luck”.

However, before knowing what she shared on LinkedIn, here is a look at the video that helped her land the job at Google.


Since being shared a week ago, the post has accumulated tons of comments. “A masterclass on what 'put yourself on the radar' means,” praised a LinkedIn user.

“I love this video and how your personality totally shines through! Truly harnessing the power of video to stand out as a candidate, I’m stealing this idea,” added another.

“Even using the rejection as an idea for content and to get the attention of more potential employers is genius! Love this,” joined a third. “This is the most iconic video in LinkedIn history. I'm lost for words, well done again Mariana!” wrote a fifth.

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