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Ice Spice's confused expressions at Super Bowl go viral on social media

Videos of Ice Spice looking confused during the Super Bowl go viral on social media, drawing hilarious responses from netizens

Following the Kansas City Chiefs' Super Bowl win, videos of Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce's sweet embrace broke the internet. NFL fans and Swifties alike expressed their admiration of the Cruel Summer hitmaker's unwavering support for the Chiefs tight end. Among other videos from the big game that surfaced on the internet, rapper Ice Spice's confused expressions drew hilarious responses from social media users.

Ice Spice looks confused at Super Bowl

The 24-year-old rapper arrived at the NFL championship on Sunday alongside Swift and Blake Lively. The trio watched the game from Kelce's VIP suite, where Swift's mother, Andrea and Kelce's mother, Donna, were also seated. The Pretty Girl hitmaker donned an all-black ensemble paired with a cross-shaped necklace. She stood alongside her celebrity friends, who intensely cheered for the Chiefs.

In the videos shared on social media, Ice Spice, who stood alongside Swift, was seemingly confused. One X, formerly Twitter user shared the video on the platform along with a hilarious caption that read, “Ice Spice just like me (no idea what is going on).” The video that features the Blank Space singer apparently explaining about the game has garnered over 1 million views so far.

Many flocked to the comment section to share their reactions. A user quipped, “Here for a good time w the girls and drinkies !” Another said, “Can’t wait for her to realize the lines on the field don’t exist in real life, that was life changing to me.” Meanwhile, one more user shared another video of Ice Spice during the Super Bowl, along with the caption, “People explaining football to ice spice in every video she’s in is so real.”

The video drew more hilarious responses, with one saying, “lmao she’s also just there for usher and the drinks, just like me.” Yet another user said, “She just being teachable that can make you adorable in certain spaces lol.”

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