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Aditya Narayan hits fan with mic, throws away phone during concert; internet asks ‘so arrogant and for what’. Watch

In the clip, Aditya Narayan sang Aaj Ki Raat from the 2006 film Don. As he walked on stage, he suddenly paused and looked at a fan in the audience.

Singer-television show host Aditya Narayan made his fans angry after he threw away a person's phone during his show in Chhattisgarh. Several videos of the singer from his Bhilai concert emerged on social media platforms. (Also Read | Aditya Narayan announces 'digital break', deletes all Instagram posts; singer wants to 'spend more time in real world')

Aditya gets angry at fan during show

In the clip, Aditya is seen singing Aaj Ki Raat from the 2006 film Don. As he walks on stage, he suddenly pauses and looks at a fan in the audience. He then pulled the person's phone from their hand, and when unable to do so, he hit them. After that, Aditya took the phone in his hand and threw it away from the crowd.

Dressed in a T-shirt, denim jacket and pants, Aditya then continued singing. The clip was shared by Instagram user DforDurg with the caption, "Singer @adityanarayanofficial grabbed a phone from the crowd and tossed it into the air during his concert at Rungta College, Bhilai. The motive behind his action remains unclear."

Internet reacts to Aditya's action

Reacting to the video, a person commented, "If fans are not there then the artist is not there. He is making his downfall." Another comment read, "So, what happened was, this fan wanted to call Aditya Narayan. But somehow, he accidentally bumped into Aditya's leg with his phone. So, Aditya got kinda upset and smacked the guy's hand away and then tossed his phone. I mean, seriously, Aditya wouldn't be anywhere without his dad. Why does he gotta act all high and mighty?"

Another person said, "What is wrong with Aditya Narayan? So arrogant and for what? Disrespectful towards his own fans?" An Instagram user wrote, "The guy was constantly hitting Aditya's leg whenever he walked past while performing so he threw his phone after loosing it. He took videos and selfie with many of his audience. There's always more than one side to a story. Be careful about what you are shown."

Aditya reaches Delhi

On Monday, Aditya was spotted at the Delhi airport. He was dressed in a blue hoodie, maroon pants and shoes. Aditya also carried a bag and wore dark sunglasses. As a paparazzo called him 'handsome', he smiled. When a person sang Chand Chupa Badal Mein, originally sung by his father-singer Udit Narayan, Aditya said "wah (wow)" and smiled.

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