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Your Favorite Celebrities Are Jumping On The 'Me At 21' Trend - Check It Out!

This trend is like the hottest thing on the internet right now, letting everyone dive into their good ol' nostalgic days!

The world of social media is always in flux, with trends shifting and fresh ones emerging regularly. Whether it's visual vibes, challenges, or social causes, these trends let people unleash their creativity and humor. While some trends are quirky and funny, some are with a dash of the weird and wild! Social media is the playground for all, and who can resist the thrill of the unexpected trends that keep us hooked!

What's the deal with the new 'Me at 21' trend?

The 'Me at 21' trend is not just about sharing pics; it's a journey down memory lane. Users are flooding feeds with snapshots from the age of 21, unraveling tales of experiences, growth, and favorite moments. This trend is like a virtual time capsule, creating bonds and sparking conversations within the vibrant community. So, what was your story at 21? Have you joined the trend yet?

The celebrities who hopped on the trend!

As soon as the recent trend hit, our favorite Bollywood stars like Kajol, Kareena Kapoor Khan, Priyanka Chopra, Sonam Kapoor, and Bipasha Basu joined the fun! They started sharing their cool throwback pictures, spicing up our feeds with a bit of glam for the 'Me at 21' trend.

Priyanka Chopra

Jumping on the trend, Bollywood actress and producer Priyanka Chopra Jonas took us on a nostalgic ride, offering glimpses of throwback pictures that echoed her remarkable journey in the industry.

Through a series of images, the actress encouraged others to join in, saying, 'Let's see you at 21', and reflecting on how much she has learned since then. Her journey reflected a heartfelt stroll down memory lane, enriched with a touch of wisdom!


Kajol also shared a glimpse of her twenties on Instagram, featuring herself striking a pose on a bicycle. Alongside the snapshot, she added a caption, applauding her past self with words of acknowledgment: "We did well... giving a nod to the younger me! #MeAt21."

Kareena Kapoor Khan

On her social media account, actress Kareena Kapoor Khan treated fans to stills from the film 'Asoka.' Sharing a snapshot with Bollywood legend Shah Rukh Khan, Kareena expressed her vibe, saying, 'feeling 21 this morning.' Her picture perfectly captured the timeless charm of 'Asoka' and Kareena's timeless spirit!

Aparshakti Khurrana 

Bollywood actor Aparshakti Khurrana also added a dose of nostalgia on social media, sharing a throwback photo with his brother, Ayushmann Khurrana. In a playful spirit and a lighthearted invitation, Aparshakti nudges Ayushmanp, saying, "Everyone tap in. Let's see you at 21. This might be 20, don't remember exactly. Bhaiya aap hi batao (brother, you tell me.)"

Masaba Gupta

The acclaimed fashion designer and actress Masaba Gupta also hopped on the latest trend, sharing a photo from her 20s. Sharing a snapshot from an old fashion show featuring her youthful designs, she playfully teased herself in the caption, exclaiming, "What on Earth are these designs?!" It's a lighthearted moment of self-reflection and humor from her side!

This trend is a lovely way on social media to embrace change, display personal growth, and celebrate acceptance of shifts in body images and personalities. Unlike many fleeting social media trends, this one stands out for its genuine beauty and the positive messages it conveys. It's a refreshing and meaningful approach to self-reflection and shared experiences.