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‘Bigg Boss 17’: ‘Shaitaan’ takes over Top 5’s minds in the house

Mumbai, Jan 28 (IANS) Ahead of the ‘Bigg Boss 17’ winner's announcement with a grand celebration on its ultimate day on Sunday, ‘Shaitaan’ will be seen taking over the minds of the final five contestants Munawar Faruqui, Mannara Chopra, Ankita Lokhande, Abhishek Kumar and Arun Mahshetty.

‘Shaitaan’ is a film starring Ajay Devgn, Jyotika and R. Madhavan. Its teaser was announced earlier this week, where the Shaitaan or the demon controls everything and everybody.

The makers of the thriller have decided to share yet another glimpse into the wicked world of ‘Shaitaan’ but this time with a reality TV twist.

The ‘Bigg Boss’ house will be taken over by Shaitaan. Keeping it to the theme of the film, Shaitaan will command the contestants and put them to some mind boggling tasks.

Ajay Devgn and R. Madhavan will join Salman Khan for the finale to talk about the film, which is slated to release on March 8.

Other details about the film are kept under wraps.
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