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Bigg Boss 17: From Her Friendship With Munawar Faruqui To Reaching The Finale, A Look At Mannara Chopra's Journey

Interestingly, she was also the first contestant to visit the confession room on the first day.

Mannara Chopra, who has been in the house since day one, has reached the Bigg Boss 17 finale, and in fact, she was the first contestant to enter the house. As for her stay in the Bigg Boss house, she really did have an interesting journey, be it her friendships or her fights.

When Salman Khan welcomed her as the first contestant in the house, he asked her to choose the house she would like to stay in, and Mannara chose Dil house instead of the Dimaag house. After taking the tour of the house, Bigg Boss then told her to ask each housemate who entered to choose their house.

Interestingly, she was also the first contestant to visit the confession room on the first day. She was given the option of going to the confession room anytime she felt low. Instead of Khanzaadi and Anurag, it was felt that Bigg Boss even helped Mannara with her game in the house. A

Her friendship with Munawar has been the biggest highlight of the season. Bigg Boss even guided both Mannara and Munawar to keep a bond in the show, and he was reminded time and again that she was his only true friend. Both the fans and the housemates felt that he was babysitting her most of the time.

Mannara's bond with Rinku, Jigna and Khanzaadi took a bad turn when they all started living in the Dimaag house. Mannara and Khanzaadi passed many remarks at each other and had some major fights too.

Mannara's other friend in the house was Anurag Dobhal, however, they had a fallout when he had to choose between Khanzaadi and her. Anurag and Mannara had also stopped talking but after Anurag's eviction, he realised that Mannara was his only true friend.

Ankita and Mannara had huge fights from the first day. Initially, Mannara was not too keen on bonding with Ankita, and she passed a cheap comment on Isha. Ankita ended up slamming her for the same. Ankita and Mannara at loggerheads in most instances.

Interestingly, when Ayesha Khan entered the house as the wild card contestant, Mannara realised that Ayesha had a past with Munawar. Mannara targeted Ayesha many times, and both of them passed derogatory remarks against each other.

Mannara and Vicky Jain's friendship too made headlines a lot. In the recent media round, Ankita shared how Mannara often spoke to Vicky on purpose as she was aware that Ankita didn't like it. Ankita and Vicky fought a lot because of Mannara.

Now, Mannara and her team had reached the finale week and after Vicky Jain's eviction, The other finalists include Ankita Lokhande, Abhishek Kumar, Munawar Faruqui and Arun Mashetty.