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Aishwarya Rajinikanth Says Song "Why This Kolaveri Di" Overshadowed Her Film '3'; What Other Indian Films Have Faced A Similar Fate?

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It was 2011. We were going through the nascent phase of the digital age. And the crossover culture in Indian cinema was yet to begin properly. Amidst such a time, out of nowhere, a song emerged from Tamil cinema and revolutionized our entire popular culture.

The song, "Why This Kolaveri Di", sung by Dhanush, and featured in the film '3', became viral globally long before the term was cool. Thanks to its catchy lyrics and infectious tune, the song became a sensation, spread like wildfire, and emerged as a universal anthem. The kind of sensation it became, and the level of impact it had on audiences' minds, was unmatched in the truest sense of the term. And it earned Dhanush fame at an unprecedented level in the international arena.

Now, '3' director Aishwarya Rajinikanth, who is currently basking in the success of his latest release, 'Lal Salaam', revealed in a recent interview that the song's overwhelming success had 'overshadowed' the film, affecting its overall performance. As she said, "We weren't prepared, and it was a huge shock. Kolaveri Di just happened in our lives. It (the song’s success) put pressure on the film. More than a surprise, it was a shock for me. I was trying to tell a different story, but the song swallowed and overshadowed the film. It was very difficult for me. It was a serious film. Not many spoke about the film when it was released.”

It is worth noting that '3' is not the only Indian film to have had such a fate. Over the years, there have been several other films as well which were overshadowed by their songs. In this article, let's have a look at some of them.

Papa Kehte Hain (Song: Ghar se Nikalte Hi)

I'm sure you have often sung the song "Ghar se Nikalte Hi" and appreciated its unparalleled melody. But do you even remember the film that the song was featured in? Well, it was the 1996 romance drama 'Papa Kahte Hain', directed by Mahesh Bhatt, and starring Jugal Hansraj and Mayuri Kango as the lead.

The song, sung by Udit Narayan, became a massive hit and even went on to stand the test of time. However, the film failed to achieve the same level of success at the box office.

Qurbaani (Song: Aap Jaisa Koi)

"Aap Jaisa Koi" is a popular dance number that finds its place in almost every party’ playlist. The song became an instant hit upon its release, emerging as a chartbuster not only in India but also across South Asia. It specifically became an anthem among the youth and continues to hold the same appeal even after so many years.

However, the song overshadowed the film, 'Qurbaani', that it was featured in. It has recently been recreated for a Hindi film ('An Action Hero'), however, no one remembers the original film.

Anwar (Song: Maula Mere Maula)

Think about the best romantic songs to come out of Hindi cinema in recent times and one of the first ones to strike your mind would be "Maula Mere Maula". The song, composed by Mithun, is a romantic anthem for countless couples and is often used in reels on social media. The poetic and deeply spiritual lyrics, coupled with Roop Kumar Rathod's soulful rendition and Mithoon's heartfelt composition, hit the right chords in our hearts.

However, the song became so popular that it overshadowed the film. Even today, while the song often ignites discussions on social media, the film has faded into obscurity over time.

Besides these films, the list also includes 'Thakshak' (Song: Rang De), 'Saawariya' (Song: Jab Se Tere Naina), Jilla (Song: Jingunamani), Delhi-6 (Song: Sasural Genda Phool), etc.